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Active Projects




A Shelter Now team is going in to assist in the earthquake zone where almost 1,000 people have died. Shelter Now has been working in the area since 1997. We are seeking funds to send immediate relief. Click on the DONATE button at the top of the page.


Emergency Relief

We have urgent needs

  • Food relief for IDP families in Afghanistan

To last two to three months, it costs about $147 AUD per family to provide the basic food items of:

  • 50 kg of flour

  • 10 litres cooking oil

  •  4 kg kidney beans

  •  25 kg rice

  •  1 kg tea

  •  5 kg sugar for tea

Chalou Food.jpg

Clean water


Afghanistan is a very arid country, and wells have to be extremely deep to reach ground water, 60 meters deep is not uncommon.


Working with local village elders, Shelter Now digs wells in various locations, secures them and installs hand pumps. We do not use diesel pumps as these would place too much demand on the water supply, lowering the water table significantly and ultimately causing all the wells to dry up.

Digging and securing a well and installing a hand pump costs nearly US $3,000. One well provides drinking water for up to 40 families.

Project No. 110

Hand washing facilities 

Washing hands is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of covid-19 and providing a clean place and water will significantly reduce infections and illness among children. The importance of hand hygiene is even in the current school curriculum. 


Unfortunately, most schools do not have a facility for students or staff to wash their hands. And each school has about 1,000 students in the capital city.

With the help of donations, Shelter volunteers are organising installation of water tanks connected to water taps in five schools in local high schools. This will provide a practical aspect to the school curriculum, reduce infections and promote health.

Cost per school is $4,500 AUD

Project No. 126-004

Education Centres

Deaf Girl

Deaf Centre

The outlook for the disabled is especially bleak. Without an education, they have little chance of finding paid employment. Since 2005, Shelter Now has run an education and training centre for the deaf and mute...

The Deaf Centre is a training and education facility for those that aren't able to go through normal training programs due to their hearing disability. The program seeks to educate and help these people get jobs and make lives for themselves, despite their disability.

We still need around $15,300 AUD to keep the Deaf Centre running this year. This will benefit all those that volunteer at as well as require the Deaf Centre to make their livelihoods.


Project 105

Ladies Centre

Our Ladies Centre provides technical training for hair dressing and beautician employment.

Currently there are 8 ladies looking to be trained in providing manicures and hair dressing appointments.


The women contribute to financial costs of the Ladies Centre while training and working at the centre. 


However there will be a short fall of about is $10,500 AUD this year. Your assistance is needed in keeping this worthwhile project funded.

Project 125

Hair Salon

Little School

In one of Afghanistans city's, Shelter supports a small group of local teachers provide education for approximately 100 primary aged children. 

Keeping this program running will cost ~$49,000 AUD.


Project 107

Number of individuals to benefit from these projects = ~150



Medicine for sheep

These projects include providing winter and summer medicine to 120 families who own a total of 600 sheep and 400 lambs This will cost close to $5,200 AUD for each winter and summer, and will help these flocks live through the harsh seasons of Afghanistan.


Project 460

Trees, Bees and Honey

Honey is highly prized in Afghanistan for its nutritional value and is therefore extremely expensive. Most honey is imported. So there is a market for domestic production and even for export.

Shelter Now provides training for Afghan families in beekeeping and honey production. Together the new and the existing fruit plantations provide sufficient feeding and collection grounds for the bees. The region is also home to many wild flowers in spring and summer.

Bees and honey.jpg

We select families who have little or no income and provide them with 5 colonies of bees each and an extractor with which they can remove the honey from the honeycomb. We also provide the necessary training. After one year, when the bees have reproduced, one new bee colony is given back to the project so that new families can benefit from the scheme.

Additionally there are expenses for the training, medication and the transport of the bees into their winter camp.

In 2020/21 we will continue to provide bees, bee hives and sugar to 5 families so that they can make their own honey and a sustainable income.


We would like to provide 10 honey hives for each of 5 families this year, and this will cost ~$13,700 AUD. The families will return the hives so that SNI can pass them on to new families the following year.


Project  230

Number of individuals to benefit from these projects = 875

Dental clinic in Herat

Since the summer of 2009 Shelter Now maintains a Dental Clinic in Herat, West Afghanistan, lead for a long time by an Iranian Dentist.

Shelter Now Dental Clinic in Herat, West Afghanistan

With much energy and great perserverance Dr. Azar Eyni has been successful in establishing the Shelter Now Dental Clinic.

In the meantime this institution has gained an excellent reputation in Afghanistan as a clinic that meets European medical and hygienic standards. Each patient pays a small fee for his or her treatment, depending upon the individual financial situation. Afghan Dentists and Assistants are trained here.

Of course the low patient fees do not cover the running costs of the Shelter Now Dental Clinic. This clinic is dependant upon your support. (Project 6510)

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