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Education Centres in Afghanistan

We have three projects that are being run daily in Afghanistan, these include our: 

  • Deaf Centre

  • Ladies Centre 

  • 'Little School'


Each provides a different service to those in Afghanistan, including education and providing them with better job opportunities for their future.

"Thank you for donating funds to help 40 families of Deaf Centre and Ladies Centre to receive 2 months of food relief! See the video of one of the responses." - SNI Australia

Deaf Centre

The outlook for the disabled is especially bleak. Without an education, they have little chance of finding paid employment. Since 2005, Shelter Now has run an education and training centre for the deaf and mute...

The Deaf Centre is a training and education facility for those that aren't able to go through normal training programs due to their hearing disability. The program seeks to educate and help these people get jobs and make lives for themselves, despite their disability.

We still need around $15,300 AUD to keep the Deaf Centre running this year. This will benefit all those that volunteer at as well as require the Deaf Centre to make their livelihoods.


Project 105

A space for building confidence
Class for the Male Students at the Center for the Deaf

Although they look the same, in two different classrooms the male and female students are taught separately.


The ages range from 8 to around 40 years. They study poetical language and culture. According to their interests and giftings they receive job training and help in finding employment.

 The deaf students develop a remarkable level of trust and self-confidence. This is especially obvious with the women and girls. It is a delight to watch them learning in class, and to observe that through such projects it is possible to also develop the worth of a person.

Ladies Centre

Our Ladies Centre provides technical training for hair dressing and beautician employment.

Currently there are 8 ladies looking to be trained in providing manicures and hair dressing appointments.


The women contribute to financial costs of the Ladies Centre while training and working at the centre. 


However there will be a short fall of about is $10,500 AUD this year. Your assistance is needed in keeping this worthwhile project funded.

Project 125

Hair Salon

Little School

In one of Afghanistans city's, Shelter supports a small group of local teachers provide education for approximately 100 primary aged children. 

Keeping this program running will cost ~$49,000 AUD.


Project 107

Number of individuals to benefit from these projects = ~150



Projects have recommenced, prioritising the most urgent.

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