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Your Gift Will Make a Difference

(Gifts over $2.00 are Tax Deductible)

You can give via the Stripe donation box on the left, or directly below:

Shelter Australia Ltd

Bendigo Bank

BSB   633 000

A/C   1509 31376     

To receive a receipt.

Please send us an email with your name, the amount you have given, and the name of the project for which you have donated to

How your donation is going to help?


Millions of people in Afghanistan are looking back on to a life full of fear, horror and misery. A lot of them still suffer from the aftermath of war, banishment and natural disasters.  

Your donation helps relieve the suffering. You are giving people a roof above their head - a new home. You are donating a warm meal, so that those people will make it through a cold winter without the fear of starving or freezing to death.  

At Shelter Now Australia funds are used efficiently, with 98.5% of all international resources are going directly into the projects. The projects also benefit from public relations work that we finance, and from unlocking new sources of capital. Thanks to great voluntary commitment, we can keep our administrative expenses exceedingly low. Internationally they vary between 6 and 7 percent of all Shelter Now expenses. The distinct emphasis on projects, and those need, is the basis of the long lasting, successful work of Shelter Now Australia in Afghanistan and Kurdistan and Togo.  

Donations and project funds from the individual country are cumulatively being spent on the relief projects, so that the support of a lot of individual people is particularly effective.

Handing out food items to the needy
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