Dental clinic in Herat

Since the summer of 2009 Shelter Now maintains a Dental Clinic in Herat, West Afghanistan, lead for a long time by an Iranian Dentist.

Shelter Now Dental Clinic in Herat, West Afghanistan

With much energy and great perserverance Dr. Azar Eyni has been successful in establishing the Shelter Now Dental Clinic.

In the meantime this institution has gained an excellent reputation in Afghanistan as a clinic that meets European medical and hygienic standards. Each patient pays a small fee for his or her treatment, depending upon the individual financial situation. Afghan Dentists and Assistants are trained here.

Of course the low patient fees do not cover the running costs of the Shelter Now Dental Clinic. This clinic is dependant upon your support. (Project 6510)

The next steps are in planning...

How it started...
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A new dental chair is set up.
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High standard treatment
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...and can be proceeded, depending on funding and adequate staff:

  • Serial dental examinations in schools on a regular basis

  • Education in dental care and hygiene

  • Distribution of dental kits to school children (about US $3.5/child

In May 2014, our previous dental clinic was handed over to the Afghan government in an official act. We wish the new sponsors every success!

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The Shelter Now project manager with representatives of the government at the handover of the clinic

We're carrying on:

Together with the dental faculty of the University of Herat, we are planning to set up and operate a university dental clinic, a very new concept for Afghanistan.

The goal is for a good 700 students to be able to use the training clinic through all stages of their studies.

Our tried and tested team will continue to treat patients and launch a dental project for schools in Herat. We are pleased that the work, which had its small beginnings five years ago, is now bearing fruit and we have the opportunity to help a whole new generation of dentists through their studies.




Due to the uncertainties in Afghanistan, this project is currently on hold