Current Projects in Need

What we're trying to do, that you can help, right now

There are so many projects that we wish we could undertake for the people in Afghanistan, but can only afford to fund some of them, and this is where you can help. Below is a list of projects that we want to be able to complete this year! Take the time to read through and see if you can find any amount to donate to those that need your help in Afghanistan.

Wells - Providing people with fresh, clean water

This year we want to build another 50 wells in Afghanistan. We plan to dig 45 60m and 5 80m holes from which the wells will be made from. A 60m well costs close to $4,250 AUD and an 80m well costs $4,750 AUD.

We also would like to repair another 4 damaged wells for about $1,400 AUD each.

Help us provide the most basic of resources by giving these people fresh, clean water.

Total cost = ~$221,000 AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = 8,850
Additional Water Relief
Mar 19 - Nov 19

There are a couple of projects that further help the people of Afghanistan gain access to drinkable and usable water that branch outside of providing wells.

We are also looking to repair two Kareez's for different provinces. A Kareez is an ancient irrigation system that provides the people with water from deep underground to be used for irrigation and home use. The repair jobs for each will cost around $10,000 AUD.

We also have plans to install a water tank connected to wells and taps at 5 different schools. This would allow students to wash their hands after using the latrine. This will cost $9,500 AUD.

Total cost = ~$29,500 AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = ~17,150
Food Relief
Mar 19 | Nov 19

One of the major ways that Shelter attempts to provide aid to those in Afghanistan is to give food and resources to people during the harshest times of the year to try and lighten the burden they face.

This year we are attempting to provide:

 - Food relief for 500 Chalou families in the Laghman province

 - Food relief for IDP refugees in Kabul

 - Food relief for 1000 more Chalou families

 - Food relief for 1300 IDP refugee families in Kandahar

 - Food relief for 500 IDP refugee families in the Nangahar province

 - Winter blankets for 1000 Chalou families

 - Winter relief for 500 IDP refugee families in Panjshir province

The relief for the Chalou people all over Afghanistan will cost $153,100 AUD. The Chalou people are some of the most neglected and rejected in Afghanistan, often overlooked for work and relief prospects, they are mostly left to fend for themselves.

There are now so many IDP (internally displaced person) refugee's now in Afghanistan that have been forced to leave their home and simply wander looking for somewhere to start a new life. We don't have the power to give them their own homes back or provide them with new ones, but we do have the ability to offer them food and winter supplies to help them make it through the brutally cold winter. Due to the sheer amount of people in this position, this project will come at a cost of $254,000 AUD, but it will serve to benefit over 24,000 people that barely have anything to call their own.

Total cost = ~$407,000AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = 41,692
Ongoing Projects

We have numerous projects that are being run daily, these include our Deaf Centre, our Ladies Centre and our 'Little School'. Each of which is providing a different service to those in Afghanistan, educating them and providing them with better job opportunities.

The Deaf Centre is a training and education facility for those that aren't able to go through normal training programs due to their hearing disability. The program seeks to educate and help these people get jobs and make lives for themselves, despite their disability.

We need around $45,000 AUD to keep the Deaf Centre running this year. This will benefit all those that volunteer at as well as require the Deaf Centre to make their livelihoods.

Our 'Litte School' is a schooling program for grades 1 to 3, educating around 100 children. Keeping this program running will cost ~$49,000 AUD.

Our Ladies Centre requires funding to keep itself running and continue to train women skills that can be used to get jobs in the hair and beauty sector. There are 10 ladies looking to be trained in providing manicures and hair dressing appointments.


The cost of training this ladies is approximately $5,600 AUD and the cost of running the centre overall costs an additional $10,500 AUD.

Total cost = ~$110,000 AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = ~150
Total cost = ~$22,950 AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = 6,265
Apr 19 - Sep 19

There are so many places with buildings, roads and facilities that are run down and in need of repair. We want to try to fix them.

This year we are planning to repair and improve 3 main roads in preparation for the incredibly cold winter periods. We will install a layer of rock which will hopefully reduce the muddiness of the roads when the cold temperatures come around. We will also be extending a road by 1km with metal to allow villagers to pass through without impediment from the winter conditions.

Micro-financed projects
Mar 19 - Apr 19 | Oct 19 - Nov 19

Micro-financing is the system of providing funds to those who would otherwise be unable to obtain them. Small loans are offered in the hope that the people who take them can use the funds to better their state financially and no longer be impoverished.


These funds are often pooled together from multiple micro-lenders in order to help the loaner succeed, and we attempt to help them do so.

These projects include providing Winter and Summer medicine to flocks of 600 sheep and 400 lambs, this will cost close to $5,400 AUD for each Winter and Summer, and will help these livestock live through the harsh seasons of Afghanistan. 

We also have a honey project which provides families with bee hives so that they can make their own honey. We would like to provide 5 honey hives for different families this year, and this will cost ~$12,700 AUD.

We also are attempting to provide farmers with something that they can nurture and reap benefits from for years; apple trees. If ~$12,700 AUD is raised, we will be providing farmers with 3,000 apple tree saplings for new farmers, to build their skills and provide them with the future potential of fruit.

As well as giving the people of Afghanistan things to help them get by, we want to give them the opportunities to grow their skills and enjoy life.

Total cost = ~$36,000 AUD
Number of individuals to benefit from this = 1,890

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