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Disasters and Emergency Relief

Millions of Afghans suffered hardships as refugees caused by the Sovjet invasion during the 1980's. This caused the beginning of the work of Shelter Now.

Since that time people had to face extreme sudden hardships again and again

  • the devastating earthquake in Northern Pakistan in October 2005

  • the cetennial flood in Pakistan in summer 2010

  • internally displaced persons hibernating in camps at minus 20°C without enough food


Such situations cannot be forseen. We try - if possible - to have some funds available to be able to react quickly if an emergency situation occurs.

The devastating earthquake in Northern Pakistan in October 2005

In October 8th in a huge region of Northern Pakistan the earth shook. More than 86,000 people lost their lives, 3.5 Million are suddenly homeless, whole villages were extinguished. Time is close to winter. We work day and night saving lives of as many as possible, distribute blankets, tents, food, material for simple houses to about 100,000 people. Later - until 2010 - we build 20 earthquake resistant schools.

The Centennial Flood in Summer 2010

Over night comes the water overflooding whole villages, ripping people, animals, houses and covers a fifth of Pakistanafter a few weeks. Millions of affecties lost everything but the clothes on their bodies. They urgently need food, clean water, household items, ... We start distributing warm meals and water purifying tablets. Later the people get cooking and eating items, waterfilters, beds, new clothes, and material to rebuild their homes - flood resistant.

Internally Displaced People (IDPs) wintering in camps without enough food at minus 20 degrees C.

Wars and natural catastrophes again and again causepeople to leave their homes. They may save their lives, but find themselves in huge camps - many times without any support. The local authorities are normally unable to cope the situation and ask us for help.

Shelter Now Winterhilfe nach extremem Wintereinbruch in Herat

Situations like these are normally not forseeable. If possible we try to keep some funds ready to be able to react quickly in those emeergency cases.

IDPs (Internally Displaced People) in Kandahar

Caused by the still ongoing terrorist harrassments thousands of families had to flee. Right now about 2,000 such families are lingering in Kandahar in several camps. As there's no other organization able to assist them, we distribute food to these desperate people and build wells for drinking water.

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Project-No: 6011

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