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Zhian Centre and Children's Centre - Kurdistan

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In 2014, The Yazidi community faced traumitic experiences and abuse in the west of Kurdistan and Syria, and became displaced people in UNHCR camps thoughout Iraq. 

Children's Centre


Training that is provided:


  1. After school tutoring in the 3Rs

  2. Colourful and creative craft.

  3. Active and interactive play.

  4. Nutrition and sanitation awareness.

  5. Conflict resolution coaching through sport.

  6. Life coaching for boys and girls.


Children come from:

  1. Single or no-parent families.

  2. Sitting in a hot tent with no yard.

  3. Playing ball on barren slopes.

  4. Half-days of government schooling.

  5. Legacy of grief and hardship.

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Zhian Centre

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The Zhian trauma) Centre has been able to restore “home” to the abused and traumatised women, aged 18 to 27. Welcome warmth, meaningful friendships, listening ear, joy in learning life skills, affirmation that they are seen, known and valuable to God and community.

Training that is provided:


  1. Counselling for healing from trauma.

  2. Life coaching for women and girls.

  3. A place of serenity, friendship and acceptance.

  4. Life skills in health and nutrition.

  5. Workshops for income self-sufficiency.

A museum display of what the Yazidis lost in fleeing their homes, now broken.

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Please consider partnering with us in building a rural development centre for the Yazidi people of Kurdistan today

Entry to the Zhian Centre

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