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Partner with Shelter Australia in

Rebuilding LIVES 


Restoring HOPE

To the people of greater Central Asia today

The vision, Afghan people and work we committed to almost 40 years ago continues to burn as bright as ever and our steadfastness toward the Afghan people is unwavering.


SNI has been officially invited to assist in the country and our offices are operational.  Our focus is how best to deliver much needed emergency relief to the most vulnerable and prioritise our on-going projects based on the commitments made to the NGO community by the new government.


To those that have already donated, we’re incredibly grateful.  To those considering supporting our commitment to the Afghan people, we’d welcome your contribution.


Over the past 40 years, our work has been purposeful.  We have ensured the survival of thousands of people through food distributions (and we’ll do it again)!  Approximately half a million Afghans live in houses built with our materials and labour; several dentists and healthcare professional have been trained with our help; children and young people have received an education and vocational training; hundreds of thousands have permanent access to clean drinking water and; the provision of sustainable agribusiness enterprises.


Our work is not finished.  We will not give up and with your help we’ll continue to make a difference in the lives and future generations of the Afghan people.

Shelter Australia believes in meeting the needs of the people where they are at now, and empowering them for a better future.


Combing emergency food relief and long-term developments, we remind some of the worlds resource poor people that they are not forgotten.


Community Investment

Shelter Australia is a charitable faith based humanitarian aid organisation partnered with Shelter Now International. 
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Shelter is a volunteer based and relies on donations to support and fund projects. 

 98.5% of all funds donated is invested directly into field projects.

Partner with us in restoring hope within the lives of some of the most limited resource people in the world today.

With your support we are able to bring hope to a scenario that no human deserves to live in. 

Across the past 40 years Shelter has provided support to internally displaced people, refugees, and natural disaster victims from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Today Shelter is one of three remaining government recognised charities in Afghanistan that is certified to provide humanitarian aid in the nation.

Location Mark
Location Mark

Shelter Australia is also in Togo, Africa! 


After members of our team developed a deep friendship with a Togolese man, Shelter Australia felt a deep desire to help restore hope and empower villages in rural Togo.


Together with local community groups, we are digging sustainable wells and building a remote learning centre. 

Current projects we are seeking to fund

Sustainable water wells

Togo has two seasons - wet and dry. 

In the dry season, the only way for households to have water is if the women of the family walk to the nearest river and carry 25 litres of water back on her head.


In some remote villages, this chore takes over six hours to complete, and the water isn't even safe to drink.

Underground water can be found, but resources and financial aid are needed. Learn more about Shelter Australia's efforts.


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