New Kabul learning centre in the making

October 20, 2017

Learning through play: children from the age of three will be registered at the school in the coming spring. Primary school children will receive a better education through professional teaching methods.



The new learning centre opens in spring 2018. Preparations have been underway for the past year. Our teachers were excited by the idea right from the start.


Once our four teachers had completed their training during the last winter holidays, they began to teach first and second grade students at an existing school using the new method. The teachers are being supervised by a coach. They have already made good progress in using the new method of teaching and receive further training every two months.


The new didactic method includes actively involving the children’s mothers. The idea is that the mothers are present in the classroom as often as possible with the three to five year olds, learning together through play. The aim is also to “unlearn” negative cultural attitudes (problems regarding equality, violence etc.), replacing them with positive ones instead (e.g. non-violent resolution of conflicts).


Our goals for 2018:

  • To start teaching pre-school children and first and second graders using the new concept in our new learning centre. Some of the children will receive a grant, others will pay school fees

  • We plan to train at least four more teachers so that in 2019 the third and fourth-grade classes can also be integrated into the new concept

  • The group of students who have already been brought into the program before the school opens will be taught up to fourth grade free of charge.

So it’s a completely new structure. That means we may have to be flexible in our further planning and implementation. But the education of these boys and girls is so important to us that we will definitely continue with the process.


And perhaps our new educational concept will catch on and become a role model for others.

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