Help for the Despised

January 20, 2016

One people group in Afghanistan, that has experienced a lot of discrimination and hardly any help, receives winter relief aid from Shelter Now.


They’re called the “Chalou”. Even the name of this people group is often spoken with contempt. They are mostly unable to get work, they are avoided by others and are often even chased out of mosques. And when it comes to distributing aid, they are repeatedly overlooked. They are mostly forced to make a living through begging.

The Chalou come from western Afghanistan, but many go to Kabul in the - probably mistaken - belief that they might have a better life there. They live in tents or dilapidated huts.

A group of 610 families who live in a very run down camp inside Kabul has asked us for help. They are suffering from an acute shortage of food. Without outside help, some of them would probably not survive the winter.

With the help of financial aid from another Christian organization, we were already able to distribute flour, cooking oil, beans, tea and sugar to these 4,270 people in December (617 families in the end), so that they no longer have to fear for their lives this winter.

One of the elders in the group, whose name is Gulam Kaka and is 70 years old, told our engineer: "Our life here is shaped by many problems: In summer we have no respite from the heat, and in winter we have no protection against the cold. That’s when the elderly and the small children die, and no one helps us. Last winter twelve of our relatives died; I don’t know how many we will lose this winter. We have had to go hungry. But now Shelter Now has given us this food it is a real day of celebration for us. Thank you!"

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