Orphan adolescents enthusiastically participate in a training project

December 12, 2014

A dream of our two colleagues in Faizabad finally seems to have come true: We are now able to provide vocational training for some orphans.


We have been supporting orphans in Faizabad - mainly with fresh loaves of bread on a daily basis and occasionally with new clothes and other items. A dream of our two colleagues Natalie and Corey finally seems to have come true:  We are now able to provide vocational training for some of them.


Udo Stolte from Shelter Now Germany Visited the Center.


I visited the training centre on Tuesday the 21st of October. What struck me when I arrived at the centre was the new house with two spacious clean and tidy rooms, and the sound of sewing machines. As I entered the workroom I saw the young people busily engrossed in their work, but this did not prevent them all from standing up to politely welcome me. Their instructor, a thirty year old man, was introduced to me. Then the young trainees returned to their work around a large, low table and began sewing again with their manually operated machines. I was deeply impressed by their high level of motivation and the diligence with which they all smoothed the seams in order to get them as exact as possible. The teacher kept an eye on his students, helping here and their as required, but always in a kind and friendly manner. I was thrilled!


The door opened and the director of the orphanage came into the workroom. He happily gave me a filmed interview, which confirmed just how pleased he is with this project.


During the break I spoke with the boys about all kinds of topics including politics. They were very polite and fun to be with.


Two days later I revisited the centre. One of the boys showed me what he had just finished sewing: a pair of Turkish trousers worn by the locals. I am amazed at what these trainees have learned in such a short time. A great project! (Project 6100)

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