Wind break for the women’s garden in Herat

October 14, 2014

After years of struggling with destructive winds in western Afghanistan, building work has now begun on a wall to serve as a wind break for the women’s garden.



The village of Saodat is situated on a desert-like plane. The Afghan government has relocated various people there, particularly Afghan refugees who have returned from Iran. For the past five years, Shelter Now has been conducting agricultural projects with these former refugees – including a women’s garden which is run exclusively by the female members of the families.


Herat is a very windy area. A local phenomenon known as the “120 Days of Wind” can be particularly problematic. It blows in varying strengths for the entire summer and has a significant impact on the harvest. So the women’s garden really needed a wall to act as a wind break. But that’s an expensive undertaking. As we never had enough money for that, we originally tried planting hedges, but unfortunately without any real success.

Now finally – thanks to generous donations from our supporters and the help of the UN’s World Food Programme and the UNHCR, we are now in a position to build this urgently needed wall. It will not only be a help to the women, but also support the surrounding villages as it will provide employment for men for a number of months: 266 men in the first month, and 180 men in the following months.


We provide regular updates on the progress of the wall on our Facebook page:


Here are the details:


Outer wall:
Length: 600 meters (1968 ft.)
Thickness: 100cm (3.28 ft.) at the bottom, 30 cm (11.81 inches) at the top


Then there’ll be two additional inner walls:
around the fig garden: 130m (427 ft.) long
around the vegetable garden: 65m (213 ft.) long


And finally an irrigation channel 1000 meters (3280 ft.) in length, plus side channels.


Total cost: 25,353 Euros (approx. 32,000 US Dollars)


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