Flood Victims in Pakistan still in Need

February 6, 2013

Many of those affected by the terrible flooding back in the summer of 2010 are struggling in the cold winter. Shelter Now is distributing blankets, mattresses, and pillows.


2 ½ years after the devastating floods many of the former flood victims in northeastern Pakistan are still struggling in deplorable conditions. Because of the dramatic deterioration in the security situation over recent months, almost all international and national organizations have closed their offices in the region and stopped their help.


Through the financial support of two European organisations Shelter Now has been able to distribute  desperately needed winter bedding.


In the villages of Mumtazabad and Sheenay Koroona 150 families - which is about 1,200 children, women and men - received warm blankets, mattresses and pillows in early February, all of high quality.


As of February 15th, a total of 202 families (1,600 persons) have now received the winter items.


February 21st: Now a total of 431 families (3,600 persons) have received the winter items.


March 13st: The action is finished now. 570 families (about 4,500 persons) received warm winter items - and are happy.


Thank you!


Shahida, a widow from Sheenay Koroona was one of the recipients. Her husband was killed when their house collapsed as he was trying to save his family from the flood.

Shahida: "I am very grateful to SNI and staff that they have saved our lives with these supplies. You provided me with the materials to build a house. I have small children, and they all depend on me, so I was so worried about my family and myself: But God sent you SNI people who saved our lives and gave us the opportunity to start a new life. Today I am so grateful again for the mattresses, blankets and pillows, which we need so badly in the winter, because without them we had to sleep on the floor with mats and very thin locally made quilts, so our kids were sick".

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