Pakistan - 2 Months after the floods

October 27, 2010

Our daily distribution of hot meals has now been completed. We were able to feed up to 4300 people a day in the critical phase. Clean drinking water remains a huge problem. The wells are contaminated so that drinking the water makes people ill. We received free water purification tablets, which we have been distributing along with cooling containers for drinking water.


The flood victims are now being provided with dry rations such as flour. But particularly in northern areas, many people have lost everything and so are unable to use the dry rations to make meals. So we are currently in the process of distributing cooking equipment in four villages, including gas cookers, saucepans, frying pans, bowls, plates and cutlery. We discussed and agreed everything with the village communities beforehand.


The villagers prepared everything themselves: they set aside a building where the walls and roof are still intact, where the aid can be stored. They also appointed helpers for the distribution... They try to help one another where they can.


They also drew up lists of all the families. There are 1300 families altogether, that's around 10,000 people. They use the lists to make sure everything is done fairly and no one goes short.


It's wonderful to be able to photograph the grateful recipients.


We are now planning future projects:  For drinking water, clothing and homes.


Our water purification tablets have now almost run out. We've found a firm that manufactures containers fitted with a filter for purifying drinking water. We're in contact with them and hoping to provide each of the 1300 families with one of these so-called “jerrycans”. Each jerrycan holds around 18 liters of water. No matter how bad the quality of water you put in, what you get out is clean drinking water. The filter can purifying 15,000 liters, enough to provide drinking water for a family for at least one year. The manufacturer is prepared to give us a special price. Each jerrycan will cost us 190 euros, including transport and distribution. We are currently looking for donors to support this project.

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