25 Years of Shelter Now – a Reason to Celebrate?

January 1, 2009

25 years of intensive work under tough conditions. The extreme suffering of the Afghan people began with the Soviet invasion in 1979. Over 6 million Afghans fled the country, most of them heading to Pakistan.


25 years of intensive work under tough conditions

A group of dedicated aid workers came to the Pakistani city of Peshawar and devoted their efforts to helping tens of thousands of refugees.


25 years of bringing hope

Throughout all the years, the staff of Shelter Now have been able to provide a ray of hope for many Afghans and Pakistanis – even in situations that appeared hopeless.


25 years with changing prospects

  • Hope – when the Soviet troops left Afghanistan – that peace would follow and reconstruction begin

  • Disappointment and resignation – when Afghanistan slid into civil war

  • A growing sense of hopelessness – under the terror regime of the Taliban

  • New hope – after the fall of the Taliban and due to the new international assistance with reconstruction

  • Shock – after the 2005 earthquake in northern Pakistan

  • Renewed uncertainty – due to the increase of terrorism and violence in both countries  

25 years with frequent threats Not everyone has welcomed our work. Again and again our staff have been threatened by extremists and corrupt politicians. Furthermore, the general situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan has often been anything but safe.


25 years of friendship Who gives more and who takes more? It’s often impossible to say. Our staff have had to work very hard for years to win the trust of the Afghans and Pakistanis. But deep relationship and friendships have grown as a result which are in turn a real enrichment to our lives.


25 years of growth

  • 60 foreign workers from 18 different countries

  • Offices in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, US, South Africa

  • A large number of projects covering a wide range of areas: medicine, children’s work, work with the disabled, emergency aid, agriculture, development, construction of houses and schools, drinking water projects, training…

For 25 years, God has given us the strength to do this work…


We are grateful to Him for His blessing and to all those who have assisted us over the years. We believe that there are as many reasons to celebrate as there are Afghans and Pakistanis who have benefited from our support and partnership. We are encouraged to continue!

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